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Fake flower arrangements: Simple rules to follow when creating an arrangement


As a professional florist if you have been only working with fresh flowers, you would need a few hours of practice before you start making flower arrangements using fake flowers. It is essential to understand that here the basic guidelines involved in making a flower arrangement would remain the same. If the task seems a little daunting to you, continue reading the article below.

Preparing the vessel for the artificial flower arrangements

The foundation of any flower arrangement has to be strong and it should be able to support the weight of the flower arrangements. Thus the first step to undertake when creating your Fake Flower Arrangements would be creating the solid foundation. Here you can use stryofoam holders which can be secured using side tapes which have glue on their both sides. Clay which is gummy in nature can also be used to secure the holder.

Fake Flower ArrangementsCustomize the length of the flowers

The flowers that you use in your artificial flower arrangement have to be trimmed according to the positions they would be arranged in the arrangement. It would be best if you keep a copy of the flower arrangement in front of you and then you can trim the length of the flowers accordingly. Ideally you can keep an inch extra in length and this would help you to use them in other flower arrangements for later on.

Start building the basic framework for the flower arrangement

Now that you have trimmed the flowers, start creating the basic framework of the fake flower arrangement. Your floral arrangement can be of any shape like oval, vertical, rectangular and even in the simple S shaped arrangement. It is always best to start with the base flowers and then move towards the higher level of your fake flower arrangement.

Create the main focal point in the arrangement

Most people when making fake flower arrangements forget to create a focal point in the flower arrangement. You may add one or two special flowers in the arrangement which would highlight the beauty of the arrangement and in return make the flower arrangement perfect for the occasion.

Give it the final finish

After you have completed the fake flower arrangement, it is essential that you critically observe it from all angles. If you have a few gaps in between, they can be filled up using leaves or flower petals carefully. The design of the main arrangement should not be changed at all cost.

What are the advantages in creating flower arrangements using fake flowers?

•    Easier to maintain: Some people are aghast when they look at a flower arrangement made from latex flowers. But these flowers are easier to maintain. You can clean them easily using mild soapy water and let them dry naturally.

•    Recycled: Fresh flowers cannot be recycled but artificial flowers can be used many times and in different flower arrangements.

•    Durable: Fake flowers might look fragile in appearance but they are very durable. When you give them a little care, they would surprise you by lasting for a few years.

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