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Artificial Bonsai/Cherry Blossom Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how I make my artificial bonsai/cherry bloom trees. Follow this tutorial if you wish to make some synthetic bonsai/cherry bloom trees. If you have any concerns, concepts and or comments please leave them listed below. Thanks for viewing and all the best.

Supply List:
– Glue (Tacky Glue or Modge Podge).
– Masking Tape.
– Sheet Moss.
– Hot Glue Gun.
– Aquarium Gravel or any type of gravel.
– DAS Modeling Clay.
– Tinfoil.
– Artificial Flowers of your option.
– Plastic Cup.
– Paint Brushes.
– Toilet Paper (Ones that has textures on it).
– Acrylic Paint.
– Base (ceramic bowls, rock, etc.).

* Extract what you want your tree to look like.
* Keep your tree in between 14-20 inches max (conserves you $$$ on products).
* Use a small fan to accelerate dry up time.

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Flower Friday- Upcycled Old or Unused Silk Flowers

Produce these remarkable flowers for hair bows, barrettes or for brooches and pins !!

Have a look at my friend Fran at She has tutorials on the best ways to make her lovely resin products!

Published a pictorial on my blog as well!

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