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Artificial Bonsai/Cherry Blossom Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how I make my artificial bonsai/cherry bloom trees. Follow this tutorial if you wish to make some synthetic bonsai/cherry bloom trees. If you have any concerns, concepts and or comments please leave them listed below. Thanks for viewing and all the best.

Supply List:
– Glue (Tacky Glue or Modge Podge).
– Masking Tape.
– Sheet Moss.
– Hot Glue Gun.
– Aquarium Gravel or any type of gravel.
– DAS Modeling Clay.
– Tinfoil.
– Artificial Flowers of your option.
– Plastic Cup.
– Paint Brushes.
– Toilet Paper (Ones that has textures on it).
– Acrylic Paint.
– Base (ceramic bowls, rock, etc.).

* Extract what you want your tree to look like.
* Keep your tree in between 14-20 inches max (conserves you $$$ on products).
* Use a small fan to accelerate dry up time.

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Faux Flower Arrangement ♥ DIY

I can’t keep any of my plants alive and I hate how fast flowers die, so I decided to make a faux flower arrangement! Flowers really illuminate the space and are an excellent decorative piece. Always remember to leave a LIKE and SHARE if you took pleasure in!



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Making Silk Flower Arrangements : Arranging Silk Flowers

The trick for gorgeous silk flower arrangements is beginning with the largest flowers first. Get more suggestions for arranging silk flowers in this totally free flower plan video.

Expert: Lisa Quinn
Bio: Lisa Quinn Inc. is a design entertainment firm, focusing on residential and industrial staging, set design for tv and movie, and tv production.
Filmmaker: Sam Lee

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