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How to Make a Wedding Bouquet with Silk Flowers | Silk Flower Bouquet | Bridal Bouquet

The best ways to Make a Wedding Bouquet with Silk Flowers|Silk Flower Arrangement|Bridal Bouquet

In this episode, we are making a Bridal Bouquet utilizing artificial flowers

Today I’m mosting likely to be making a lovely wedding event arrangement for you. When the brides come into the store to purchase their wedding event bouquets, they typically choose one of 2 designs.

This arrangement here has the stem proving. It’s covered with a bit of ribbon and it’s called a clutch bouquet. The bouquet that I’m mosting likely to be producing you today is a round arrangement and we start off with a Sanctuary or Sahara bouquet holder.

The one I’m utilizing for the dried flowers or silk flowers is the Sahara bouquet holder. The one with the Sanctuary would be for the fresh flowers So you want to make a new cut on here about as long as you think you want your bouquet to be and always like with the white roses, some are more open and some are tighter.

So you wish to use the open ones around the center of the bouquet and the tighter ones we will use on the outside simply as the flower is growing. You want the open ones to be your focal point and after that around the edge will be the tighter ones.

So we want to kind of try to establish a round arrangement. We will go on like this and then I have some white lilies. I am going to leave the foliage on since as you can see in this bouquet, it does have some foliage which uses up some space, keeps it interesting-looking. You can make an arrangement with no foliage if you like although the bouquets today, they are showing without any foliage. So it’s absolutely whatever you would like.

So I’m starting with all of my flowers So I fill it in with all my flowers then we will include the foliage. Then we will include some embellishment with– this one has the plumes. It has some crystals and it has some pearls. You can utilize whatever you like, whatever colors you want.

When you’re out choosing the flowers for your wedding arrangement, attempt to see what you like best and you can utilize a number of various type of flowers You could use all one flower. You can make it nevertheless you like.

And the beauty of the silk arrangements if you make your own flowers is you can make it ahead of time. You could make silk arrangements 6 months to a year ahead of time and it’s one less thing you need to do and get anxious about when it gets closer to the wedding

So I have the round arrangement made and now I am mosting likely to stick some foliage in. You wish to develop like a collar around the back of the bouquet

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